woensdag 20 oktober 2010

webOS 2.0

So Palm released it webOS 2.0, according to engaget the best mobile OS together with IOS. But what is good software with lacking hardware? In a sense you could say that licensing would be the best option for Palm as their hardware has always been below par. But the takeover from HP might have saved them from the doom scenario in which Palm was heading. HP has the knowledge and capital to relaunch Palm with high-end hardware, which then be combined with high-end software. But after seeing the Pre 2 I must say I am not impressed, its basicly what the Pre should have been in the first place, technology wise that is. I wonder if the hardware durability is any good. Is the Pre 2 the savior of Palm? I hope they have some killer hardware announcements soon cause with the Palm 2 as a flagship phone Palm will sink..

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